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Shanghai Rego International School

Shanghai Rego International School has become their largest branch of it’s group in eastern China. It comprises of

two educational buildings, an indoor sports stadium and an outdoor component. Thorn supplied the indoor lighting and

the vast majority of the light fittings for the stadium, offering a highly efficient and comfortable environment for students

and teachers alike. The lighting solution was diligently designed according to Thorn’s PEC – performance, efficiency

and comfort - professional lighting programme.


上海瑞金国际学校 —— 赋予全新的教学体验



教室照明是学校照明中最重要的部分,照明要满足师生正常教学活动的要求,保证彼此交流的顺利进行。教室里采用了成套定制的PRIMAT连续光带照明系统,内装2x36W T8灯管,获得充足的水平照度和垂直照度的同时保证了各工作面具有良好的均匀度,整齐划一的组合风格也得到一致的好评。进口三基色光源良好的显色性,4000K的中性白光,都有助于提高教学质量。灯具表面配有精确设计的防眩光格栅,有效地缓解长时间教学后可能产生的视觉疲劳。




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